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Q. I have used the Dulux Mycolour software in my local hardware store - is it available from the Web Site?
A. Yes, this is available from the Painting Your Home - Colour section. Mycolour can also be purchased in a CDROM from your local Dulux stockist.

Q. Can I find out what colours were used in one of your television ads?

This is one of our most commonly asked questions and we keep all this information on hand whenever we release a new advertisement. In any of our ads in magazines, you should see a reference to the colour we used in the ad.

For colours used in other ads please contact customer service 13 25 25

WARNING: The colour may look different in your home that it appears in our ads due a number of factors including the lighting conditions for example sun or shade, fluorescent or incandescent or the colour of the surrounding floor coverings or furnishings. Be sure to obtain colour chips of the colour and check the colour in your home before purchasing your paint. Use Dulux Colour Solutions Sample pots to check the paint in place before you purchase the full quantity

Q: Why does a colour look different on my wall?
A: Apparent colour variations between the paint chips on colour cards and paint on the wall are usually caused by the reflection of another light source. For example, a pale yellow or cream can be affected by the green shrubbery close by. The same effect can be achieved by a reflection coming from floor coverings or curtains. Use Dulux Colour Solutions Sample Pots to check the paint in place before you purchase the full quantity.

Q. Can you match colours from other paint companies? I have a colour that I can't find on any of your colour charts? I am painting my home using a Dulux colour 15 years ago? Can I still get paint in that colour? Do you have a colour the same as my aluminium windows/colorbond roof or garage door.
A. Our colour charts represent only a fraction of the over 4000 current Dulux colours available. A larger range of 484 colours is available as individual colour chips from the Dulux Colour Solutions Colour board as seen in your Dulux stockist. A larger range again is available through the Dulux Colour Specifier range of colours which was designed for architects and colour professionals.

We keep the formula used to create many of the colours from our previous colour ranges, formulae for colours in the Australian and British standards ranges, colours matching our Powdercoating colours (used to coat aluminium windows), matches to many Colorbond colours and corresponding colours for many of the colours available in our competitor's ranges. Our total database of colour formulae has over 50,000 colours. Your paint retailer can access these formula through our formula books or by contacting Dulux Customer Service. Or contact us directly to check whether your colour is available.

If we cannot find your colour in our database, you can then visit a paint retailer who has the Dulux Colour matching system, which can create a special formula to match your required colour from a sample - whether that is a paint chip, or a fabric sample.

Q. Where can I get a colour chart? Can you send me a colour chart?
A.Colour charts containing Dulux colours are available from Dulux stockists You will usually find them at the Dulux Colour Solutions colour wall. To order a colour card, please contact customer service on 13 25 25.

Q. If I have used Dulux Suede (Interior) or Tuscan (Exterior) effects and want to use a complimentary colour for the trim. Can you recommend a colour?
A. Yes, we can, but remember to check for yourself before purchasing:

Suede Colour
Classic Suede
Suede Sand
Portsea Sand
Tuscan Gold
Carnivali Sun
Villa Straw
Almond Ochre
Cream Torta
Rustic Rome
Etruscan Stone
Roman Clay
Burnt Firenze
Terrazzo Red
Scarlet Ayers
Stucco Tan
Fossil Beige
Charmed Lute
Mojave Peach
Resort Pink
Classic Red
Da Vinci Red
Venezia Plum
Plum Blaze
Purple Storm
Mocha Earth
Cypress Green
Blue Mineral
Soft Sage
Aegean Green
Cactus Green
Grotto Green
Tango Vine
Lucca Leaf
Blue Diamond
Blue Tuscany
Azure Milan
Aqua Florence
Mediterranean Blue
Divine Mecca
Palio Navy
Radiant Casa
Fresco Violet
Pompeii Ash
Deep Porto
Lively Blush
Suave Rose
Spirito Lime
Velvet Gum

Dulux Colour
Malt Shake
Soft Chamois
Mr Mustard
Golden Sand
Pale Mustard
Great Dane
Paper Brown
Apricot Sorbet
Paper Brown
Magic Melon
Magic Melon
Terracotta Chip
Terracotta Chip
Pompeiian Pink
Tan Wagon
Helena Rose
Luscious Lobster
Vin Cuit
Strong Strawberry
Night Romance
Creamed Muscat
Purple Statement
Sedge Green
White Cabbage
Sea Pea
Bladed Grass
Lush Hosta
Deep Rift
Love Pat
Shadow Blue
Blue Mediterranean
Casa Cobalt/Blue Glaze
Quantum Blue
Indigo Mecca/Astro Zinger
Malay Grey
Western Myall
MP 70RR 23/409
Lickedy Lick
Tropical Light
Disc Jockey

Q. Where can I get ideas on colour schemes for my home?
Please contact either of our stores to get in contact with our in store colour consultant

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